Distorted Mix 2 Vocal Tracks and Song Production Redone for Streaming Sites

I (Joe Vecchio) have just released new vocals and song productions for my EP, Mix 2, under the name Distorted Mix, to all streaming sites such as Spotify and iTunes. As the recording artist and music producer behind Distorted Mix music, I felt compelled to do this because:

“After putting out Mix 3 and observing the evolution of my sound and music production I just had to go back and record the vocals again and produce the music better. The songs were important enough to me to go back and re-do them rather than just keep producing forward, creating more songs and burying previous songs. I didn’t want to have regrets and feel the need to redeem myself with new songs. I wanted to go back and make things right, then move forward with new material. The end result now is that these older songs are now sounding fresher and newer and are just as epic if not more than some of my newer stuff. But I knew this was possible to achieve. I knew the songs were good enough for me to go back and make things right.”

Mix 2 is an EP which consists of 5 songs and is about 15 minutes in length. In order, the song titles are:

1. I’m just Fine

2. Such an Inspiration

3. The Edge

4. Good Luck with That

5. What a shame

My vocal styling is somewhat grunge, blues and rock influenced.  The guitar sound is a fun kind of distortion found in metal music. Synth sounds are varied while the bass is heavy and saturated.  The drum sound for Distorted Mix consists of layering 808, 909, and the Martiny instrument from Reaktor. These 3 layers are then put through filters and effects

#distortedmix is a dark blend of slow roasted Rock Music and EDM giving the finest sound aura of electronic dance distorted rock guitar vocal songs ever.