First 2 EP’s now reproduced and remastered

As the Recording Artist / Music Producer for Distorted Mix, I thought it was important to have just released reproduced & remastered versions of it’s first 2 EDM Rock EP’s.

listen here:

It was a combination of receiving some feedback from my agent and also some things that I had going on in the back of my mind as I was producing the 3rd album and listening back to the first 2 albums. Something clicked in my head and it was like I had no other choice but to go back and make things right. By doing this everything will be more uniform in terms of mix levels and overall sound production especially when the 3rd EP is released.

Some of the reproduced items in the music were:

  • utilized the drum sound from album 2 to be the drum sound on all songs in album 1
  • reproduced the guitar sound from using the Mesa Boogie to now using a software emulation plugin for both albums
  • made sure some vocal parts sat better in the mix
  • turned volume down on the master track so it didn’t hit the compression too much on both albums
  • utilized different settings within software emulations of tape machine saturation and vinyl, yielding a not as heavy sound and with a little more presence

The 3rd album consisting of 5 new songs will have a slightly different guitar sound (a little less low end chug and more of an upper mid range scowl) though still utilizing the software plugin for the amp and cabinet emulation. It will have the same drum sound as 1 and 2. The drum sound on the 2nd album was more of what the Distorted Mix sound needed and was why the 1st album was reproduced with that sound.

#distortedmix is a dark blend of slow roasted rock and EDM giving the finest sound aura of electronic dance distorted rock guitar vocal music you’ve ever heard.