First 2 EP’s reproduced and remastered

this post is now outdated… have since resang new vocals, got a new guitar sound, reproduced drum beats and rearranged songs for first 2 EP’s read more about it here

***update 12/11/18 – I will be releasing new versions of these songs (Mix 1 & Mix 2 songs) with new vocals, new guitar sound, new drum beats and song arrangements… some songs are completely different.. Mix 1 & 2 songs will be released January 2019***

Some of the reproduced items in the music were:

  • new vocals
  • drum beats re-produced
  • new guitar sound (same as Mix 3)

#distortedmix is a dark blend of slow roasted rock and EDM giving the finest sound aura of electronic dance distorted rock guitar vocal music you’ve ever heard.

listen to Mix 3 here: